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Help! Job stuff


My boyfriend, he's had a string of bad luck with jobs this past year. Prior to his layoff from the fire station in 2013, he was always staying at jobs for a few years... now it's been a couple of months. He hasn't stayed at the same job for more than 4 months. So last January, we got him into a trade school for HVAC and he got a job pretty quickly after. He ended up getting laid off from that job three months ago after being there only a month. He got a another job a few weeks later... and well he just got fired today.


The supervisor told him directly he was fired for refusing to do a job. The reason he refused? There was a snake in the ceiling where the AC was. He almost ended up falling through the ceiling tile due to that. The person who was training him also refused to go up there and do the job without the company first calling animal control.

Animal control never was called...

I'm so scared because it looks like he is a job hopper now. He helps his dad at his shop, so on his resume he has one stable job from 2013 but this is a very small auto shop so its not something he can survive off of.


He wants to apply with my company (a bank call center where I'm an assistant manager at.) but I don't know. He wouldn't work anywhere near my department so its okay in that aspect...but I'm not sure he would like the work.

I dont know what to tell him. Any idea GTers? :(

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