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So the Boss Cop is actually Cain.

The Blind Killer knew exactly who Lucifer was. I kept wondering why didn’t Lucifer ask “how do you know who I am”.


Is Cain though the real Sinnerman? Is he the one who had Lucifer’s wish grantee’s killed off? Although I do not see how Cain had the power to put Lucifer’s wings back on and his face not turn.

Except if Cain is Sinnerman why did he need to call Lucifer out? He knows and has known exactly who Lucifer is from the start.

Poor Linda it looks like she will need to change her entire practice to just those who are celestial beings and those in the sphere. You know Cain will be visiting Linda soon.

Are Demons also Angels? When Maze said Angels do not kill human she seemed to have been implying herself as well as Lucifer. Is Maze then a Fallen Angel turned Demon or are Demons Fallen Angels.


So confused.

Three weeks folk. Three long weeks to next episode.

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