Is anybody willing to offer advice to a fashion-challenged person? I am going to a wedding on Saturday night (at a hotel in Manhattan, for context). Since none of my dresses fit me at the moment, I did Rent the Runway and will be wearing this dress. (The mesh panel isn’t really visible, despite how it looks on the model.) I am worried that it is a little too plain or not formal enough, but the price was right and it looked good on every customer who posted a photo of herself in it, so I figured I would dress it up with accessories. (Also, to be honest, plain and informal is pretty much a perfect description of my normal style. I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t spend a lot on clothing so I generally dress to blend in.) I’m going to wear it with strappy gold sandals, a black and gold clutch, and a pair of sparkly gold hanging earrings. I will probably also wear a large gold ring with a cluster of opals on it that belonged to my grandmother. My question is I should wear a necklace? And if so, should I only do it if the necklace sits above the neckline of the dress?