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Help Me Accessorize

Every year I go with my aunt and uncle to the Nutcracker (I think this is year 28). My dress for this year is this awesome poinsettia dress. It is a pretty casual location, and the matinee performance, so I don’t have to be super fancy, but it is also one of my few chances a year to dress up at all....and if I’m not kind of dressed up, I feel too much jealousy at the tiny little girls in their super adorable dresses.

I will probably be wearing it with knee high black boots, because it will be Colorado in the winter and I don’t really do heels. I’m hoping to maybe find some gold (or other color suggestion) tights, if not I’ll probably just wear black leggings. I have a white cropped cardigan that I think might be cute with it, kind of a “snow” look. My big problem is accessories. My go-to is pearls, but they don’t seem quite right with the dress. Because I’m cool neutral I don’t have much gold jewelry either, but silver doesn’t seem quite right with the dress? Or, am I wrong about that. Suggestions please!

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