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Help me, Obi Wan GT, you’re my only hope..

So! I am getting married in June. I have procured a wedding dress that matches the casual garden party theme. I have.. nothing else.

I am currently crawling ASOS for shoes, I have no idea what to do bag-wise (a clutch?), and I need some accessories but the dress does not allow for a necklace and I don’t do earrings (used to wear them and then let the holes grow shut).


I know there are so many stylish Groupthinkers around, please help me not look like a mess at my own wedding.

This is my dress:

The model’s complexion/hair colour (practically-brunette-blonde) kinda matches my own. The buckle on the belt is gold - I don’t usually wear gold and my wedding ring will be grey gold but eh, details..

These are the shoes I have found that fit all my parameters but they are sold out in my size:


(Holy shizz this is huge, I hope Kinja will resize this on posting)

Basically, what I need is a block heel, otherwise my knees will die after and hour and this is also better for the grassy underground. Not too thin straps, please.


I have no idea what to do for a handbag, all I know is that I cannot use my beaten up leather bags.. or my active Jack Wolfskin backpack, ok. I am not averse to a clutch bag but I am not super keen on pastels, as they go with literally nothing else I own. Mint I think could work OR maybe a purple or hot pink to match some of the dress print?

Same goes with accessories. I wish I wore more jewellery but I don’t and the most I wear are two rings. I certainly NAB with this one..


I would love your help! I have a severe case of “don’t know what I want/ like until I see it” so it is hard to work on the details..

I can offer you some puppy eyes (the pup in question is 12):

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