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Help Me Adult

I just moved and am living on my own for the first time. This is not "yay exciting." A family friend is letting me live at their place which they are not using while I look for a job and try to get on my feet.

Problems to contend with:

1. The house is a wreck. It's not quite hoarder scary, but it's cluttered enough that I haven't been able to unpack any of my things. There is zero free space.


2. There has been a moth sighting and there's evidence of spiders. Like, huge cobwebs in the corners of almost every room.

3. I'm very broke, but I need to clean and eat. I bought cleaning supplies at Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond today and have basically wanted to cry all afternoon because of how expensive it was.

Problem #1 will just have to be solved by me rolling up my sleeves, facing my fear of other people's gross junk, and moving stuff into the basement. But if anybody has advice on how to handle #2 & 3, I'm all ears.

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