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Help me adult?

I am, in almost all respects, a competent adult. But there are a few things I’ve never done before that seem dauntingly difficult, despite not actually being so at all. I just don’t know where to start. So I need some advice.

The big one right now is finding a doctor. I moved cities about four years ago. I had a great physician back in my old community and there was a small-ish chance I would be moving back to that city after a couple years, so I didn’t get a new doctor here. I just got all my lady-business taken care of through a local women’s clinic. I haven’t had much need of a GP since I moved, but lately I’ve been feeling like I really need to find a good doctor.

So....um, this is embarrassing, but how does one do that? I found my doctor in my old city kind of serendipitously. My previous GP was actually the OB-GYN who delivered me as a baby. He was terrible. He was my family doctor for most of my life and then, in my twenties, he went on leave and his locum was not only awesome but setting up his own practice, so I jumped ship. But since moving to a new city, I have no idea where to start with finding a new doctor. I got a list of family doctors who are taking patients from the women’s clinic a while a go, but what’s my next step? Do I just call their offices and ask if I can make an appointment to meet the doctor? What kinds of questions do you ask at an appointment like that? How do you choose who would be a good doctor for you?


I realize most of these questions are personally specific to me, but I’m just wondering if anyone has any general advice about figuring out how to find a good GP.

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