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Situation: I have a ticket for *The Orb show in my town tonight. I mostly want the internets permission to blow it off. I am/was going solo. The ticket was only 25 USD ? after fees and tax, so, not nothing but not pricy.

The biggest issue: They don’t go on until 11 pm.

Since starting a new job last month with an 8AM start time, 11 PM has become this night owls strict bedtime. I am middle aged and I can’t pull off a late night like I used to (not that I was even going to drink, staying up until 1 am is hard enough.). If I was still at crappy job where I was when I bought the ticket, crawling in late would not be a problem. Or, a younger me would not even care if it was gauche to come in whenever a month into a new job. But, I like the new office and honestly, I just want to stay on my couch and chill with my cat.


Besides, I’ve seen these guys a couple of times and it’s been alright. I even passed up their last show because didn’t want to go out late, but I wanted to treat myself as I have not been going out very much lately.

*They are an EDM duo, most ‘mainstream hit’ was Little Fluffy Clouds, I think used in a VW commercial...

TL;DR: I can bail, right? Without guilt? (This would not be the first time in the past 12 months that I have done this either, old job had me so overworked at a time that coincided with two highly anticipated ticket purchases that I did bail. Bummer too.)

ETA: I didn’t go. I didn’t mention that it was also pouring cats and dogs; also I don’t have a car anymore so needed to grab a Car2Go or Uber, and although both are easy to find in my neighborhood, I didn’t want to bother. I also am staring my period. SO just blergh.


I am a little sad, and I ended up staying up till 1130. ugh.

But, I do have Saturday night tickets in a few weeks for another DJ that I bailed on last year. (it was a Thursday night). I am very excited for that!

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