UPDATE: Thank you, thank you, thank you! I followed all the awesome suggestions everyone had, and now there are only a few random flies still about! <3 <3 <3 <3

Iā€™ve never see so many fruit flies before, does California have a special breed of killer flies or something? This past week I was traveling for work, and when I returned today, I realized Iā€™d left a bag of garbage (already out of the can, ready to be tied & take out, sigh) in the kitchen instead bringing it outside before I left. My house is now INFESTED with FRUIT FLIES :( :( :(

And not just a group of them hovering around a fruit bowl, I mean you walk in and they cover almost every surface. How did this happen?? My kitchen is sparse and clean (besides the garbage I forgot, ugh). If I tap on my kitchen cabinets or knock on the microwave, a cloud of them starts flying around.

I put out homemade trap bowls with soap, apple cider vinegar, and some sugar...it seems to have helped a bit (flies land and drown). But I mean each bowls killed maybe 50 out of a 10o0. I also have some fruit fly traps and fly paper being delivered tomorrow morning.

What else can I do???

ETA: Itā€™s so bad, that I went to eat a slice of Red Velvet cake Iā€™d bought yesterday (sealed in a plastic cake box) and AFTER I took a HUGE BITE, I realized it was infested with flies. I just about choked to death.


Rescue me!