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Help me air dry!

You’d think the whole “undone yet mostly polished waves” thing would be easy when your natural texture was more or less “undone yet slightly polished waves,” and yet. This stuff is all so deceptively tricky, don’t you think? Help me air dry my hair! Tell me how you do yours.

My hair is like, 2B/2Cish, I used to think it was 3A, but either my hair is less curly than it used to be, or I was deluded with curl thirst because that’s how the naturallycurly.com forums work. Funny thing, now I’d actually prefer to relax my texture slightly instead of pumping up the curl. Now it’s pretty much a long lob, an inch past my collarbone.

I’ve tried all the usual suspects that people with glorious wavy hair say they do (Oh, I just put it in a loose bun on top of my head and go to sleep, nbd), but my hair doesn’t look like the after pictures when I do that! I end up with these big giant bends that sometimes make my hair stick up like Pippi Longstocking braids, even without using a product with strong hold. It seems my hair is easily suggestible into being bent. Two braids? Crimps with straw straight ends. One braid? Straight roots with weird kinks and straw straight ends (how do people avoid the straw ends when using braids? Such a mystery!). Two buns? God, that works for people? I end up with even tighter weird looking bends that stick out in increasingly weird directions. Four buns! Now you’re just fucking with me. I tried this thing where you put a headband around your head, hippie-style, and wrap your hair around the band and ended up with 1940s-style big, bouncy curls, and I did that on dry hair (noted in file for if I actually want that).


Basically, I don’t get loose waves from doing any of the typically suggested stuff, I get big, floofy bends and weird kinks. Whereas a bun seems to merely suggest other hairs into relaxed waves, my hair keeps the exact curvature it twisted around in. I don’t want to leave it down to dry because it takes a lifetime and the only way for it to look good is if I don’t touch it AT ALL while it’s drying. I have stuff to do, I can’t just wait three to fours hours, motionless, while my hair dries. I can get the look I want with a 1 1/2 curling iron, but I’d prefer to take advantage of my natural texture.

Accurate image of what my hair looks like after drying in a bun:

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