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So for the past few weeks there's been a recurring theme going on in my dreams: I'm picking out a boyfriend. None of my exes are ever in my dreams, but there are lots of good looking dudes in my mind universe. In one dream I was attending a Janelle Monae concert and I kept running into guys I had hooked up with in the past that suddenly wanted to get back together, I woke up before I got to hook up with anyone.

Last night, I had a dream that I was in a classic love triangle between two guys. One was sweet and conventional, and he decided we should shake things up by having sex outside. Outside turned out to be outside of the other guy's apartment: the fun party guy who invited everyone over to do coke and had white ferrets.


Conventional guy was generally kind of a jerk to everyone else, but really wanted to marry me. Only his stipulations were that we would only have one kid (for some reason a total deal breaker in my dream) and he wanted me to be the sole breadwinner.

Fun party guy also wanted to marry me. He was nice to everyone, and everyone loved us together, but there were people around all the time. He also had debt that was way worse than mine, but came from rich family and promised to clean up his debt and his habits before the wedding. And of course both guys knew about each other and hated each other.

Other fun things to note: The fun party guy was blonde with blue eyes like an 80s villain, and the conventional guy had dark hair and glasses. And Kulap Vilaysack was my BFF in my dream.

Do you have recurring dreams? Are they as clear cut in meaning as mine? Tell me about them!

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