A few months ago, I spilled a beer on my iPhone and it died. So I got the cheapest smartphone option there was, a Samsung Avant.

I am a smart person. I am good at figuring things out. At Christmas, when my mom or sister would get some gadget they didn’t know how to use, they would ask me. And even though I had never used it before and didn’t read the instructions, I would figure it out quickly.

Nothing in the entire world has made me feel dumber than this stupid Android phone.

I was very whiny about it when I first got it, but I admit, I was just being a brat. Once my husband showed me a few things, I figured it out. I still didn’t like it very much, but I (mostly) knew how to use it.

We have had our ups and downs. It made me late to the first day of my new nannying job a week or so after I got it, because the Maps application kept quitting and when I tried to call the parents to get directions, the Contacts app kept quitting. But I thought we had a truce. That we could work together for a year until I can get an iPhone again.

Earlier today, I got a text message from my boss (who also has an Android phone), but it didn’t show up, it said “New MMS message to download: size is 1 KB, expires on 5/10” so I clicked download and it said “Downloading” for like an hour and eventually said “Message not downloaded, touch to retry.” Which I did. But nothing happened.


Then I was browsing my promotional inbox on Gmail and saw an email from her phone number. It was in the promotional tab, not my regular inbox, so I didn’t get a notification that I had a message. This whole time I thought it was a picture message because the only other time I got a message that I had to download, it was a picture message from my mom. So I didn’t think it was important, because why would a photo text message from my boss convey an important message. But it was not a photo text message. It was just 3 sentences saying I didn’t have to come in today.