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Welcome To The Bitchery

UPDATE: I’m getting a Dakine! Well, to be precise, I’m getting two haha. This mini one and this medium one. Thank you so much for all your suggestions, I knew none of these brands and I’m so grateful. If anyone else is looking for a backpack, there’s lots of really nice ones in the comments, I hope it’s useful for more than just me!

Hi Groupthinkers! I’m in need of a small backpack that would be appropriate for daily use including taking to work and I’m struggling a bit looking for one that suits so I wondered if anyone had seen any nice ones or had any site suggestions. A few things to note I guess because I’m essentially having to get this for medical reasons (injuries) on doctor’s orders.

1. It really does need to be relatively small so that I can’t fill it with too many useless things and make it really heavy (because if there is space, I absolutely will) but not super tiny because I’ll still need to put everyday use things in it. I don’t need to put anything like a laptop in it ever, which most of the ones I’ve seen seem to be for.


2. I think the straps will need to be fairly adjustable - I’ll need to make them pretty loose to minimise the pain/strain of putting it on and then tighten them. I’m hoping this is a common feature?

3. I’m hoping to find one that looks cute, but that’s less important that the other points. I also can’t afford one that’s super expensive - mid-range pricing should be ok.

4. I’m in the UK and there’s probably a lot of US stores that don’t ship to Europe so suggestions here may be limited, but if you know any international sites I can try that would be so welcome. I feel like I’m struggling to think through the pain today so I know I’m missing really obvious places right now! So I’ve come to beg for help :)

I’ll keep looking myself too, I’m not giving up!

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