Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

It’s my coworkers birthday this week, and she is the sweetest person in general and deserves a nice birthday, but also, she is 7 months pregnant and has been craving cake her whole pregnancy so we need to up the game here!

My idea is to go quantity - I want to make four different kinds of cake. There are only about 15 people in my office, so I don’t really need to make four full cakes, but I was thinking that what I might do would be to make two base batters, one vanilla and one chocolate, split them, and then do add ins to make the different types.


So assuming I have two vanilla and two chocolate base batters to work with, give me all of your thoughts and suggestions for what would be easy and fun to add in to make different flavors! Easy is good - feel free to send me your easy but delicious cake batter recipe you use, or please, if this is something I can do with box cake too I am all for it haha. But what frostings and flavors and ingredients should I use for my cakes! (Our office has no dietary restrictions).

This is what it looks like in my head:

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