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So my sister is getting married. I get to be Maid of Honor! Woohoo!

I've been googling the duties, and a lot of them are not going to be an issue, as far as the planning side. Her mom is all up in that, the venue and theme is set, so really job will be to the calming voice of reason and possible solutions when she is wavering. Apparently, the bridesmaid dresses are already a source of drama between them (which is funny because no one who will be wearing the dress has been brought in as a 3rd opinion yet).

There's one other bridesmaid. My sister is in Seattle, I'm in the South, and Bridesmaid is in the Midwest. A lot of my sister's people do not live in Seattle.


Soooooo, given the logistical issues, I think it will probably end up a bachelorette weekend/shower combo. What sort of timeline before the wedding is normal? I've seen like a month or so beforehand. Although it's very possible that her mom will throw a shower herself. She's very laid back about everything and is all "you don't have to do anything, do whatever you want," but I would like to plan something that she would enjoy. Penis cakes are out (although, I think I will threaten her with them teasingly, because that's my job as a sister).

I was thinking it could take place anywhere in the Pacific Northwest or San Francisco (which is her favorite city). But I don't want to do something prohibitively expensive. And would it be weird if I included my stepmom/her mom? I think she would be hurt if she wasn't included. And does anyone in the area have any suggestions?

If Sasquatch fest was a couple months later, that would be it. Like one day Sasquatch and a spa day the next. Or vice versa. With a shower type dinner somewhere. But nope, it's in May and I think too soon. Does anyone have any input on Capitol Hill Block Party? There's the Vancouver Jazz & Wine fest, but I don't know. I think it would be nice to something that skews a little younger that her fiance wouldn't really be into.

But if we did San Francisco, there's a group that does scavenger hunts, which might be fun. Or we could do Portland. Or be all outdoorsy in Bend.


I need to contact the other bridesmaids, but I think it would be nice to have some ideas before I do, otherwise, it will be a whole bunch of "I dunno, what do you think we should do." If I present some ideas, then usually new ideas are presented and it builds from there.

Ideas? Please?

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