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Help me be an awesome teacher!

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OK, y'all—I'm teaching a lit class this summer. It's got a focus on non-fiction and I've taught it before but during a regular term. It went really well and I expect discussion to be awesome this time, BUT! Instead of meeting for 3 hours a week, over a 16 week term, we'll be meeting from 8-10, Mon.-Thu. for 6 weeks.


My concerns are keeping up conversation for that long AND coming up with fun projects/activities the students can do quickly but that also demonstrate engagement with the texts.

In a normal term, the students keep a reading journal which they then edit into a final portfolio and write a midterm paper. I'm not sure they'll have time to do all this, plus the reading, over 6 weeks.


It's further complicated by the fact that it'll be on CCTV, meaning some students will be at far away campuses, some will be in front of me. Some will also have many classmates and some will be the only student in their room (though, of course, we'll all interact with one another via mics and cameras). This makes face to face groupwork difficult to say the least.

So, what say you? What are some helpful activities you've done (or do) in a lit./English class?

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