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Help me be not-clingy?

I haven’t been single/dating in like 6 years, and I was never very good at it anyway, so I find myself stuck in this weird situation where I don’t know what’s normal and expected.

So I am definitely into a dude. Dude and I hung out this weekend, and it turned into an overnight thing (HIGH FIVE!). Neither of us is big on texting, so we’ve only exchanged a few messages since then, but confirmed that we were both into it (DOUBLE HIGH FIVE!).


Now, the age-old question: do I initiate the next hang-out? I really want to see him again, but I don’t want to be *that person* who’s overly attached too soon. I’m also not really looking to rush into a relationship; I’m enjoying being young and single. But I know he’s kind of shy, so I’m trying to find the balance between, “Don’t be shy! I like you!” and “I am trying way too hard to make this happen.”

Also, I have gotten burned by this before. I have a bad habit of pursuing “shy” guys and finding out later they were just going along with it - with markedly less enthusiasm than I had thought. So I have a little insecurity in this area.

So, GT: should I follow the advice of He’s Just Not That Into You and wait it out? Or should I be bold and daring and possibly way too forward?

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