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Help me before I sell my cat to the circus

My cat has recently become OBSESSED with trying to get to the window in my bedroom, and it is about to drive me crazy. My threats of selling her to the circus have quadrupled in the last couple weeks (yes, when my cats annoy me, I tell them I am going to sell them to the circus). I need some help in trying to figure out how to get her less obsessed with the stupid window.

I can't rearrange everything so she could get on the windowsill, because the window is in my bedroom, faces the street and sidewalk, and there is a streetlight across the street that shines right in my window if I don't have the blinds adjusted just so. Plus the cats have two other windows they have full time access to, so it is unnecessary. The last couple days I've been shutting them out of my bedroom, but that means the a/c isn't blowing air into my room (it is out in the living room), and they don't like that and wake me up trying to get in, though it is better than one of them trying to get in the window. Plus I kind of miss having them there when I'm trying to get to sleep.


This lovely drawing is as if you were sitting on my bed looking at the wall in question. The bottom of the window is about 4' off the ground (about chest height), the little dresser thing directly underneath it is only a foot or two tall (around knee height), and the dresser next to it is just under 3' (just below waist height). My cat keeps trying to get onto the window sill from the big dresser, but she just isn't long enough, so she keeps batting at the blinds and meowing trying to see if maybe there is some way she hasn't tried to get up there.

I've tried keeping a bottle of water by my bed and spritzing her when she tries, but it still wakes me up, and just taught her she can try to get up there just get down when I reach for something. Last night I filled toilet paper tubes with beans and taped them shut to shake and throw at her when she tries. But again, I have to wake up, and it just deters her for a little bit. I've considered mouse traps, since that is how I got them to stay out of the garbage. But, then the trash can would move, the trap would go off and scare them with little or no risk of them getting snapped. I'm not sure that would be the case on flat surfaces they are jumping up on. One friend suggested double stick tape on top of the dressers for a while, so next time I go to the store, I might have to try that.

Please let me know if you have any good ideas. I am tired of waking up multiple times in the middle of the night and I'm tired of yelling at my cat all the time. I might just have to go with just shutting them out, even if it does make my room warmer.

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