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Help me (best problem EVAR!!)

One of my very good friends gave me a gift certificate for a housecleaning service. Normally, the house is pretty well kept but, with Homey still laid up and my term hitting crazy levels of intensity, it's been pretty much Squalor City, USA for awhile.

The gift certificate is for two cleaners to come over for 1 hour 15 minutes. I'm supposed to make a list of my priorities and they'll do what they can in that time, starting with the biggest priority first.


But I need help:

I feel like I have to clean before I call them (actually, I don't feel like that; I know that) but I'm not sure what to clean and what they'll do and what the heck do I put on my priority list?

So, how do I got about getting my house cleaned? You know, since it's been so long since anyone's cleaned it and the whole process of housecleaning is unfamiliar at this point. ;)

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