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Help me blackmail my cable company ETA: the universe fixed it!

I need your help, GT! TWC just upped my cable/internet bill from $135 to $188/month, just for funsies. I have not added any new service or channels. This is apparently just a "We value you as a customer so much we're going to charge you an extra $53 a month for the same damn service. Kisses!!"

There is only one other cable provider that services my area, and I could probably get a better deal with them, but ugh. That seems like so. much. WORK. I works crazy hours, so scheduling an appt would not be easy. I have 4 ferocious wiener dogs to wrangle. I have squalor.

I know I can call TWC and threaten to disconnect to get my bill back down...but I don't even know where to start. What dept do I ask for? How do I get them to actually do it?! Anyone that has successfully talked their way to a better rate, I gladly welcome your advice!


ETA: Welp, the universe decided to do me a solid and take the hard decision-making out of my hands! When I got home from work today, there was a car parked outside my house...it was the rival cable company, coming by to see if I would be interested in switching to their service. After maniacally laughing for about 6 straight minutes, I told what I was paying with TWC...and he offered the exact same package for $120—less than my previous TWC rate! Installation is set for Friday. Now all I have to do is de-squalor and call TWC to cancel. Thanks for all of the tips and advice!!

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