I'm taking dance classes as part of a group that is focusing specifically on learning dances that were considered very rebellious or forbidden for women at the time - dances that showed women pushing the boundaries of the current conventions and really embracing girl power of a sort. It's handsdown one of my favorite concepts for a dance class ever, and a nice little way to learn about history and feel connected and empowered. We're doing dances like the Charleston (yay flappers!), the go-go, and the can-can.

As part of this, we all get to pick our dancing girl name - one that helps us get in the spirit and helps us feel rebellious, in whatever that means to us. You guys are the best namers I know, so for a fun Monday afternoon adventure, I'm hoping you can help brainstorm super fun dancing girl alter ego names.

So far I kind of want to name myself Fibonacci Sequins (who is also a commenter here - Hi Fibonacci! - although the name comes from a Power Puff character voiced by Ringo Starr).... Or maybe Kitty Glitter....a lot of the names also seem to be trending towards French influences, like Raven Noir. I already bequeathed my usual Kinja name to another girl who is going to be named Violette...and just Violette, no last name!

I'm also thinking going more 20s names - Bunny, or Muffy, or something along those lines! Or Zelda, because while I was never a huge fan of Zelda Fitzgerald, her late in life attempt to become a dancer again always really touched my heart. If someone can come up with a good dance girl pun name that's a work off of Dorothy Parker you'll win my heart for forever.

So tell me what you would choose! What does the inner, rebellious, free spirited dancing girl in you demand to be called??