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Peeps, I think I’ve posted here earlier this year that I’m the one only bridesmaid (or, Maid of Honor*) for my dear sister. Well, the wedding is next weekend, and I had a last-minute idea. Want to help?

I’ve been trying extra hard to help my sister feel special in the ways that I can while she plans her wedding since our family is really spread out now (e.g., I live 3,000 miles away), I’m her only ‘maid, and she’s had to do a lot of planning & prep solo. I pulled off a pretty nice shower if I do say so myself, and I want to keep the thoughtful bridesmaiding going.

In doing my prep this weekend to travel back home, I got to thinking about how challenging the night before/day of the wedding might be because, at that point, we’ll be camped in a hotel not super duper close to our normal home-place stomping grounds and not near anyone’s house we know. (For example, extensive thought is going into how I’ll get my all-important morning and afternoon espresso and how Mr. Kates will get not-shitty coffee on the day of my sister’s wedding — cafe location mapping, makeshift ‘spro gear thinking, etc.) The plan is for us all to check into the hotel the day before the wedding, for me to hang out with my sis and potentially have a sister-sleepover in her room that night, and for the hair/makeup artist to come help us and our mom get ready near noontime the next day.


I’ve decided I want to make a list of some stuff to get for the night before and day of in the hotel that will (1) keep us entertained (hotels in small towns are boring, y’all), (2) make us feel fancy or my sister feel special, (3) meet our sustenance needs because hangry + wedding stress are a bad combo, and (4) fill the gaps of all the little things we might need but that we might forget to pack (something along the lines of a bridesmaid emergency/tackle kit but maybe not as elaborate as some I’ve seen). Any ideas for me? What else can I do to make sure my sister feels like a queen on her big day?**

*I got married this year so in stuffy wedding parlance that technically makes me a Matron of Honor but I sweetly told my sister if she ever calls me that shit, she can learn to bustle her own damn dress... so we’re sticking with Maid. 0:-)

**Yes, normally I’d be rolling my eyes at the wedding mania I’m displaying too, but trust that my sister is an angel descended to planet earth to help people and deserves all kinds of good treatment in return.


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