Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My first wedding anniversary is coming up, and I’ve procrastinated buying a gift because my husband is incredibly difficult to shop for. Now I have about two weeks to come up with something. I happen to know that he has bought me a ring of some kind, and I always feel pressure to come up with something of equal value. However, I make about 1/5 what he does annually. HALP.

Relevant Details:

  • He’s a white collar professional who wears expensive suits to work every day, but he isn’t like a “dapper gentleman” who wears cuff links or jewelry or anything.
  • He ostensibly likes stereotypical “guy” stuff such as grilling, home brewing, and woodworking, but is so busy that he does those things maybe twice a year.
  • He does not really read books for pleasure, only work.
  • He does not really know how to cook beyond things like scrambled eggs, grilled meats, or pasta with jarred sauce.

Any thoughts? I’m panicking a little bit.

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