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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help me buy shoes!

Hullo GT!! I am going on a trip in 2 weeks that will involve plenty of walking, so it’s time to finally buy a) an actual pair of sneakers for like exercising and b) comfortable yet stylish walking shoes.

Complicating this is that I have terrible feet and ankles, so support and comfort is a premium. I was putting off getting new shoes until I see a podiatrist but now I have this trip coming up and have procrastinated my way into needing to do it now.


So! I’ll probably go to a brick-and-mortar store for the sneakers, but since I haven’t bought sneakers as an adult, where do y’all go? Just a sporting goods store? Could I just go to the massive Nike store downtown or will that be all extremely cool and sporty people?

AND what are your recommendations for stylish walking shoes? I’ll be in Austin, so we’re probably talking sun dresses and shorts.

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