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I am in the market for two things: a better desk chair and grown-up skin products. I would love your recommendations for either or both if you have something you love (or even like a lot).

Desk chair: over the summer I am working on a major paper for my doctoral program. Basically the foundation for my dissertation. As a result, I need to be at my desk a lot and feel like I should invest in a good desk chair. Obviously it should be comfortable. I either need it to have a really wide seat or no arms as I tend to shift around and sit either cross legged or half cross legged (one leg folded up on the seat). I tend to like really brightly colored things so I keep getting discouraged by the sea of black and brown “executive” looking chairs. Alternately, the chairs that come in fun colors tend to be cheap and uncomfortable. I keep envisioning something upholstered and wingback. Does anyone have a cute, comfortable desk chair with a wide seat? Or a store that might have such a thing?


Skin products: I recently decided I should up my skin care and makeup game. I am turning 34 this year so I think it is due time I have a regiment. Skin-wise I am a semi-olive toned white girl and tend to have fairly “normal” skin, but I do get breakouts on my jawline and cheekbones. I get some visible pores on my nose but I started using the GlamGlow Youthclense daily face wash most mornings and that has helped a lot. I don’t have a lot of wrinkles, but feel like I should be preventative. I also spend a good amount of time in the sun. As I mentioned, I am currently using that GlamGlow cleanser and will sometimes use this Alba Botanica face wash when I am trying to wash off makeup, sweat, or other things that I don’t want to waste the GlamGlow on (it’s kinda pricy, so I feel the need to conserve it. However, I have had the bottle for over a month and have not run out, so maybe it won’t be that bad overall). I use a Neutragena daily lotion with SPF 50 and use Dr. Jart’s BB creme when I put on makeup. However, I don’t have a nighttime lotion. I also keep seeing stuff about serums. What exactly are those for? What else do you use? What else do I need? I am always skeptical about expensive products and don’t want to buy something and hate it or buy something expensive when a cheaper version is just as good. I did join Birtchbox and Ipsy, but I haven’t gotten a lot of straight face lotions or serums. Plus, it is hard to gauge if something is really working with a sample size. Anyone have favorite face products? Can anyone give me some recommendations on what products might be good for me? Is there a significant benefit to more expensive brands?

Thank you all in advance!

Also, pig pics for your trouble:


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