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Help me caregive (tw: cancer)

So first off, I want to thank everyone for their support on my previous post.

I received many kind words.

So I am flying to see my parents tomorrow morning.

I will be doing a ton of research in the next few days (while studying for my FICA and CSET, goddammit.)


I know a few of you have survived pancreatic cancer or who have had loved ones diagnosed with it. I know there are support groups (and EmmerdoesNOTrepresentme, I've checked all of the GREAT resources you've mentioned.) I'm on day one.

What I want from you is advice on things that you wished you knew before you or a loved one went through cancer treatment.

My dad is rapidly losing weight and has no appetite, what food is good for people with pancreatic cancer?

What can make it more comfortable? I wish there was Amazon list of things I could buy to make him more comfortable.


This is stuff that I can and will research, but I am only 9 hours into this. I want people with whom I share a community, though an internet one, to push me in the right direction for tonight.

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