I thought that, as a nice gesture to Bonernator, I would make chicken and dumplings this week. It’s one of his absolute favorites, having grown up with a sweet German grandmother who, by all accounts, was an absolute whiz at it. Even saying the words “chicken and dumplings” turns him into the heart-eye emoji.

So I perused some recipes, and guys...

My brain is breaking.

Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT a novice cook. I bang out awesome dinners on the reg, and have done so for years. But WTF are these recipes? Why is such a simplistic looking comfort food so goddamn fussy? Isn’t it supposed to be chicken soup with doughy mess in it? Apparently, NOPE. There’s sherry and deglazing and buttermilk and cornmeal and all sorts of shit I’d rather jump off a bridge than do. There are thousands of comments on every recipe talking about how the recipe is garbage and that their mother made the only acceptable chicken and dumplings known to man. Apparently the dumplings are basically rocket science and if they turn out too heavy/gluey, baby Jesus will throat-punch you.

I’m a heartless Yankee who didn’t grow up eating chicken and dumplings (actually, have only eaten them once), so you can see that my perspective may be skewed.

Does anyone on GT have a nice, tried-and-true chicken and dumplings recipe that doesn’t involve a slow cooker and that won’t give me an aneurysm?