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Help me choose my next Netflix viewing

Update (for those who care) - Lovestruck the Musical appears to be my winner (which no one recommended). It has Jane Seymour singing and dancing Lady Gaga songs. There is no way that doesn't win everything.

There are so many choices and I can't decide.

Does anyone have any opinions on Haven? Or Mr. Nobody? What is this Judy Blume - Tiger Eyes? Dorfman in Love? I'm kind of intrigued by Lovestruck: The Musical (or it could be super terrible)


And then there's Center Stage, which I love and haven't seen in ages. AND STEEL MAGNOLIAS (the original). AND ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING. Oh dear. I still haven't seen Luther. Or all of the Office. Or all of Flashdance. Or 30 Rock for that matter.

For reference, my last few viewings were - 13 going on 30, The Right Kind of Wrong (gorgeous setting, and better than I expected), Gambit (which I couldn't get through despite Diaz and Firth), the latest Jane Eyre, and a bunch of documentaries. I was thinking of giving season 2 of AHS another try, but I don't want the nightmares.

And Max is always disappointing and I prefer Groupthink.

(I also have Amazon Prime, if there is anything extra awesome that I need to see on that).


So tell me GT, what should I watch?

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