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I need some serious help. Mr. Zbornak and I have decided not to go overboard for Christmas. We've decided to limit ourselves to one gift, and it cannot exceed $50.00. No gift cards. I have no idea what to get him!! I had planned on getting him a really nice over-night bag, but it was way more than $50. So I can't get that. The problem is I am really bad at thinking of gifts, and I knew he had his eye on this particular bag, so it was a no-brainer. Christmas is 10 days away!! What the hell am I going to do??? I need suggestions - he is very into fashion, food (but he doesn't cook - he just eats), he's really pop-culturally aware, craft cocktails are a favorite - specifically anything with bourbon. What else? Ugh! I don't want to be a bad boyfriend!

Update!! Okay, I had a brilliant idea as I was reading through all the thoughtful replies, and I got this:


He already has two Nixon watches, and loves them. He like to match the watch to the outfit, and this color will work with a lot of his wardrobe. It's technically over the budget we set, but I know he'll love it. Problem solved! Yay!!!!!!

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