I have a Communications presentation coming up, where I have to analyze a short essay. I can't find a link to it here on my phone, but essentially the author argues that reverse racism is totally a thing and states that talking about racism makes you racist (LET US ALL EYE ROLL HERE) I'm pretty sure this is the type of guy who thinks women-only spaces are discriminatory.

Anyway, I'm obviously going to have to blast it out of existence, because GT has taught me much about these arguments.

But there's the rub: I can't use GT as an academic source and I have no clue where to begin! Where is there a good "legit" definition that racism is systematic prejudice and therefore is not the same as me being called a cracker? That there is no "Miss White Canada" because it's a de facto Miss White Canada, so other racial groups have their own thing? That there are Societies for Black ______ because other societies are, again, de facto White Societies and that's why "Society of White ______" is racist but other race versions are not? That talking about racism doesn't make you racist it makes you conscientious?

This prof is very insistent on "academic sources" so where could I look? Blog posts, while wildly informative and true, might not be accepted :/

I will totally use some Tumblr posts, though. Some of them are genius and explain real-life things really really well.


Thank you in advance!! (Because you lot are the smartest and nicest and best and every other superlative you would like to be called this fine day)