I have decided to enter the world of match.com for 3 months. I have low expectations, but perhaps a teeeeeeeny bit higher than OKC, because you have to pay to play. I'm not looking for a committed long-term relationship, because I'm super focused on my career. I want a companion to do fun things with and sex up with low pressure, and the potential for growth & commitment if we dig each other and it moves in that direction (but not right away!) Here are the things I like:

  • My career (I work in advertising as a professional smarty-pants)
  • Reading...mostly fiction, but occasional non-fiction
  • Working out
  • Dancing (primarily in my living room)
  • Cats, dogs and most furry animals
  • Weed, in moderation (not that I'm going to ever reference that on a public site with my picture)
  • Figuring people and situations out quickly (it's fun AND useful!)
  • Art (love art and always collecting art, but not the biggest fan of artists or the scene Particularly the dudes. Ugh.)
  • The Whedonverse (although not a fangirl)
  • Neil Gaiman (-amandawhatsherfaceIreallydon'tlikeheratall.)
  • Personal growth
  • Being happy (seriously...I'm a pretty happy person, which I've worked for, and I'm very grateful for it)

I don't want to do anything that references my looks (hair/eye color, height, etc.) And of course, it can't be my Jez name, because PRIVACY!