Feedback Needed: I created a quick site using a free hosting service

I didn’t want to purchase a domain name until I’m 100% sure on the name!). If you have time, I’d love some feedback on the site, the good and the bad.

Also, I plan to have special pricing for GTers. I’m thinking 50% of the “sale” price, maybe less while I get this off the ground, the only thing I’d ask is that you’d send me a review of the services that I can post on the website (it doesn’t need to be your real name).

Thanks everyone for your support! IT’s amazing how many people on GT, FB, and in my current job loved this idea.


I love writing resumes and I am a powerhouse when it comes to interviewing. I work for a top 5 Tech company who found me on LinkedIn due to my kick-ass resume. If a friend needs help with a resume or coaching for an interview, I jump at that chance to help them.


I realized that this is something that I can turn into a small part time business, that I’d have more opportunities to help others by doing something I really enjoy. So I am thinking of starting a business where I create resumes and/or LinkedIn Profiles, as well as help people prepare for interviews. I’d also want to offer my services for free to local shelters, etc.

But I’m not creative in the naming department! Any ideas of something clever??