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Welcome To The Bitchery

TeenSparrow convinced me to go to a local rabbit sanctuary today, and I left a good chunk of my heart there. They’re all adorable, obviously, but this one little dude fucking killed me. He’s only been there a couple days after being abandoned, they don’t know his background and haven’t given him a name yet. I call him Sam. He begged me to take him home! Pressed his tiny face between the bars of his playpen for my attention, and freaked out when I walked away. I just 😭😭😭 I know we don’t need a new pet, but fuuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Also, I told my mom about this and she completely blew my mind. I’ve spent my life thinking I didn’t care for rabbits as pets, but it turns out that’s due to HER anti-rabbit campaign when I was a child. I had completely forgotten an incident when I was about 7 when I begged her to help me save the bunnies from a local pet store a few days before Easter. According to her, I sobbed for them being trapped there. So she decided to talk me out of wanting to take them all home by telling me what awful pets they make, and how they can get sick without you knowing then just keel over one day. With that realization, I want the damn rabbit even more!


LordSparrow is very much not in favor of a new pet. 😡 He says we “need to make sure we’re taking care of the pets we have now”, but I don’t see how we aren’t. I understand not wanting the responsibility of another animal, but I do most of the pet work anyway. 

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