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Help me date!

So, Wednesday is my second date with 4th of July/Parking Lot Man.

It was my turn to make the plan. We live an hour apart, so half~way dates are still in play. We are going to the weekly beach bon~fire in a legendary boardwalk town. I am making a picnic dinner (which he is VERY EXCITED about) and am having a hard time deciding what to make. So I thought I’d ask for your help and confuse myself even further!


He’s a really healthy eater and cooks for himself. Lots of vegetables, lean meat, fish, whole grains. Pasta & bread are out, as he eats weird pastas and breads and I refuse to make cardboard sandwiches this early in the game. I will happily indulge his healthy diet, though. As long as he buys me an ice cream cone on the boardwalk after dinner.

So, I was thinking about making this with a tweak to the sauce as I may not be able to get all the ingredients, with extra roasted ears of corn:

Or, a medium rare grilled flank steak, sliced, with a tomato salad and this:


Any thoughts or picnic dinner recipes to share with me?

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