Last week was a really rough week for me, and this week may be extremely stressful as well due to funding issues on our campus and those funding issues possibly affecting my position. I’m also stressed out because I am working on a manuscript, and all of my collaborators sent me feedback on the paper at the same time. So, I’m kind of drowning in worry, anxiety, and way too much critical feedback.

What helps me refresh during my lunch hour on the days I am working from home is watching a 30-minute tv show that takes me out of myself for a short time and is positive enough to improve my mood. Given that John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Trevor Noah seem to all be on vacation at the EXACT SAME TIME (who allowed that???) - one of my major ways of coping is gone.

Can you recommend anything I could watch for 30 mins? I already know the old standbys like Parks & Rec, Arrested Development, Buffy, etc. I’ve already watched every episode I could find of the Great British Bakeoff (it’s an hour, but it did wonders for me). I tried watching RuPaul’s drag race over the weekend, but it didn’t work for me. I started re-watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, but it’s not really right for what I need.

Any suggestions are more than welcome. Bonus points for strong female characters, humor, good-heartedness and an “atta girl” spirit. Thank you!!

As an aside for Stranger Things fans, I am wearing this today.