Today is one of those rare, amazing days where 1) I don't work 2) the weather is acceptable 3) I don't have some kind of social obligation and 4) my husband has afternoon plans, so I have the house to myself.

My plan: tidy the house, unstop the drain in the bathtub, shop online, prune my roses, and maybe start painting the hallway. Because I am boring and I look forward to days when I can get stuff done. Then I'm going to take a long bubblebath and read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix again and eat leftover enchiladas for supper. That's my plan.

But my plan cannot be completed without some kind of awful tv show to watch on the ipad. AND I CANNOT DECIDE which of the following shows is striking the right balance of awful, drama, and entertainment. So help me out.

1. Keeping up with the Kardashians. I have to finish season 7. I think it's season 7. They're somewhere in the Caribbean and Kourtney is pregnant and can't make up her mind about everything and Bruce keeps trying to set Kim up with the golf guy. Pro: just the right amount of drama. Con: This season feels really slow so far.

2. The Hills. Again. Pro: Silly rich people with problems that are so different from my own. PLENTY of drama. Con: I really can't stand Brody-focused episodes. Also, Heidi seemed so much happier before Spencer.


3. Sex and the City. Maybe.

4. Insert your own nomination here. Difficulty: Must be available on netflix or amazon prime.


Help me, GT, you're my only hope.