So I posted about my tattoo last night and I've decided to cover it up (thanks for all the kind words and advice!) with a phoenix. I'm hoping that I can cover the existing tattoo in the phoenix's tail and with flames and have the tattoo cover most of my lower back. I found this awesome phoenix, which seems to be free to download so I hope it's OK to use and post here, to use as source material:

The tail/fire situation seems like it may be sufficient to hide my tattoo (I'll probably have to change the colors, though):

And here's my sketch so far:


I'm giving her a less pigeon-like breast and want to add claws. The original image is a little too turkey-like; I want her to be able to wrangle a dragon and look good doing it, KWIM?

Whatcha think? Suggestions? Comments? Hate it? Tell me true.