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Help me desqualor, please?

So yesterday, I came home to a tragic scene, in which Jade Plant Pinkett-Smith had a terrible tumble.

Now I'm sure she will be just fine, but is probably in need of a little trimming because she's getting top heavy. My best guess for how this happened is that there was a gust of wind that knocked her down. So cleaned and shampooed this dirt spot as well as possible, but it's still not perfect. This picture is before shampooing and vacuuming a couple of times.


I'm coming up on my one year lease, so I think all of my carpet is kind of due for a thorough deep cleaning anyhow. Should I rent a Rug Dr? Buy a Groupon? Talk to management? I don't mind paying for it so long as it's a reasonable price, but I would really love clean carpet. What have been your experiences with carpet cleaning in rentals?

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