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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Help Me Dinner!

and dinner...and dinner.

I went shopping without a menu in mind this week, and I need some help figuring out what to make. I went in the store and just bought any produce that looked good. I also bought a couple of “extras,” like coconut milk and Korean BBQ sauce. So... here’s what I have:

- Green Cabbage

- A bit of Red Cabbage

- Red Pepper

- Cubanelle Peppers

- Romaine Lettuce

- Arugula

- Grape Tomatoes

- Asparagus

- Kale

- Purple Cauliflower

-Fresh Tarragon

- Broccoli

- Coconut Milk

- Bleu Cheese

- Rice

- Quinoa

- Soba Noodles

- Garbonzo Beans

- Black Beans

- Avocado

- Onion

- Serrano Pepper

- Curry Paste

- Black Olives

- Korean BBQ Sauce

- Israeli CousCous

- Frozen Shrimp

- Frozen Corn

- Regular Seitan

- Peanut Butter

- 3 Eggs

Let’s get creative! What fun thing can I make that I normally wouldn’t have thought of? I can’t wait for your ideas!


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