So I've decided that because my nails are long and gorgeous, I'm going to help keep them long and strong by putting on some nail polish. I have fallen in love with the half-moon manicure and would love to attempt it tonight. Here are ze questions:

1. What colors should I do? I don't actually have any nail polish at home save for a free copper glitter polish. People keep saying the half moon looks lumpy on the rest of the nail if you put glitter polish down first (as the half moon) and I don't want long glittery copper nails. So! I was thinking maybe shiny mint and matte black? Shiny mint and matte gold? But I am really open to suggestions because I'm not that great at coordinating colors :(


2. I've gotten instructions online and I'm already headed to Staples so I'm gonna grab some paper reinforcement stickers. What else can I do to make the manicure look more professional?

3. What brands (that I can get at a drugstore) are good? I hardly ever wear nail polish so something that covers well in as few coats as possible would be great! Also I've heard that there is a mattefying topcoat but also matte nail polishes. Which is better?