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Help me dress myself for work!

I’m moving from my factory-based role to an office-based role in a few weeks’ time. My current workwear is PPE: long-sleeved jacket, full-length trousers, hard hat, safety boots, safety glasses, etc. In my new role, I get to wear pretty dresses and I am unreasonably excited at the prospect!

In my enthusiasm, I bought a dress not dissimilar to this one:

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On me, it comes to 5-6 inches above the knee. (Note: I measured this myself and it was nigh-impossible so that might be grossly untrue.) It’s exactly the same length as my fingertips if I put them by my side.

Is this absolutely too short for work and should be destined for casual wear only? Or do you think I could get away with it with opaque black tights and plain shoes? In its defence, the top bit is very conservative!


The company hasn’t given me any guide. I plan to play it safe for my first few days and gauge what other women wear, but there aren’t many women in the office so it’s a bit hard to know.

I’m trying to avoid having to wear shirts because I’m quite chesty and I’ve had buttons ping off mid-meeting before.

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