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Welcome To The Bitchery

Help me dye my hair please!

So I generally have a go-to color for my hair: it's a bright red, like Florence Welch but slightly browner, and I love it, and it worked really well for a long time. While I had long hair.

About a month ago, I cut my hair from around bra-strap length to barely shoulder length. For some reason, I feel like my same-old bright red will look strange on shorter hair. I feel like I have two options: a lighter auburn red or a darker red.


Relevant info: I am very pale, with millions of freckles and hazel eyes. My hair is pretty straight with little volume and pretty fine also. My natural hair color is medium brown, with reddish highlights.

So, what are your opinions and/or fav boxed red dyes? I know it would be more helpful if I could post a pic, but Kinjaspace is weird these days and makes me freaked about doxxing.

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