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I have asked you for your places of interest and now I have a good plan for those. Now I want to eat yummy noms while I'm there. Help me DC Groupthinkers!

What's a good place for a birthday? Belle's birthday is that week. I want to take her somewhere nice but not insanely expensive. Does such a place exist in Washington DC? Like a Yelp $$ or $$$ but not $$$$. She likes new American food and is not an adventurous eater due to gastrointestinal issues as a child.


Since she's working a few days that I'll be there, I have a couple of days of lunches/breakfasts on my own. What do you guys like to eat there? Is there a place I shouldn't miss? I don't mind cheesy/tacky touristy things. I'll eat just about anything but I am not a fan of spicy food.

I want to venture over to Georgetown for those Baked & Wired cupcakes (*side eyeing them for calling them "cakecups" on their website*) for sure. Is there anywhere I can get breakfast goodness over those parts?

Give me all the places you like to eat!

Here is a bunny noshing on a flower for your trouble:

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