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I saw this piece in Fortune, and my google fu is failing me on finding more Native / indigenous voices on this:

The other main information I’ve found:


Just about every other source I’ve seen pretty much has the same information, but I’d like to hear more from Native sources and I’m failing to find much.

Clearly it’s a complex situation. Among other things, considering that tribes have the right to purchase land themselves and petition the US Federal government to hold it in trust. So how does “privatization” work with that?

I fear that with the people who will be in charge, any attempts at controls to protect sovereignty will disappear and it will be little more than a transparent land grab. Again. Which is a reminder, of course, that the Dakota Pipeline is only one battle in a long ongoing fight.

Also, considering this article, it seems like aside from a land grab it might be an attempt to deliberately undo some more of the progress made under Obama.



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