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Help me elf: Ideas for kid gifts.

Friends, it is my turn to solicit the beautiful people of GroupThink for Xmas gift ideas. I am buying for two kids this year, a 7 y/o boy and a 13 y/o girl. The catch is that I don’t know these kids, and I don’t interact with other same-aged kids all that often right now so I’m kind of clueless. (Short version: informal friend-group adopt-a-family situation for a friend of a friend who has had an epic bad year and especially heart-breaking past month and whose family could use some holiday TLC).

Among other suggestions, the family said age-appropriate board games and movies would be a hit. And the son is really into Transformers. So... questions for those with access to similarly-aged kiddos:

(1) What are kids in that age range liking right now for movies?

(2) What board games might kids those ages would be happy to receive that both a 7 y/o and a 13 y/o could play together and possibly also with their mom (because what fun is a board game by yourself?)?


(3) What are the latest cool Transformers things that the son might be into?

THANK YOU for helping me elf. I want to make sure these kids and their mom have an awesome Christmas.

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