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Help Me Embroider!

I have about a week to do this but I’m hoping it’s something I can knock out in a couple of days? I am a beginner and have very little concept of how long this should take, but I’m looking at very small patterns.

There’s a web comic my husband and I used to read a lot though we’ve fallen out of the habit of checking the site for the last few years. We still follow the artist and have bought a number of shirts he’s designed, and Pip and Kitteh still hold a place in our hearts.

Anyway, I purchased a “grab bag” from his Etsy site a while back and it came with these cute embroidery patterns. Our second anniversary is fast approaching, and as the traditional gifts are either Cotton or China I thought I would go ahead and embroider a the little Pip face onto a cotton polo. As a warm-up, I thought I would also embroider a little heart on the inside of a button down shirt (it won’t have to be done as neatly since it won’t be visible to others!).


In my initial research I read about needing a stabilizer for the cotton polo (I ordered this one from Amazon at the bloggers recommendation) and it sounded like I should go with the back stitch.

Later I came across this helpful site with a list of basic stitches and I thought I liked the look of the stem stitch more and that it looked maybe just as simple.

I also came across this blog which has really nice tutorials that make everything look pretty easy! Her stem stitch tutorial was very helpful but it seemed like the very similar outline stitch might be my best option.



Am I reasonably well-prepared for this? Or am I underestimating it’s difficulty.

I have needles because I did some cross-stitching last year. (I actually started a cross-stitch for our last anniversary but have yet to complete it. I’m definitely hoping not to repeat that this year!!!) I have a hoop as well, but it might look for a smaller one at Michaels as I think the one I have is unnecessarily large for this tiny pattern.


How much does it matter what needle I use? What size is best for a 100% cotton polo shirt?

Let me know if you have any other tips!

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