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Help me entertain myself! Crime flick recommendations...

So, thanks to some comment on Kinja somewhere yesterday, I watched Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil last night. I had somehow missed it before now, and am very excited to go back and pick up on other old crime/mystery movies I haven’t seen.

I’m on vacation in the middle of lovely nowhere; I’ve loved it but am needing some extra entertainment to keep me going until I return to city living (there’s only so much hiking and boat watching a person can do in a day). Please recommend your favourite crime/mystery movies, especially from the 90s, as the price is right to rent those bad boys on iTunes...


(If it’s on Netflix, I will add it to my queue for later, but streaming doesn’t work in the hinterlands; I have to go and use an office connection to download movies, then I bring the laptop home...)

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