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Help me face care

I need some kind of middle of the road, non-insane, reasonably price face skin care regimen. My current regimen is disgusting and not working.

My current regimen consists of:

  • Washing my face in the morning with a gentle cleanser with glycolic acid (I love it and likely won’t change because my skin is already much better with it).
  • Sometimes using face moisturizer (like if I’m actively flaking skin onto my clothes or peeling)
  • Usually falling asleep at night without washing my face (yes I know it’s gross so please don’t judge me I’m trying to change).

I have that special skin that is both acne prone (jaw line, chin, cheek bones) and kind of dry. Other than some acne which I made my peace with in my teens, I’ve been ok. I get zits, I cover them with makeup and go on with life.

My skin has been ageless - possibly thanks to being oily. I’ve looked exactly the same as I did as a teen (zits and all) for almost 20 years. Now that I’m in my 40's, I’ve noticed some loss of tone, dryness, and minor crows feet (they don’t alarm me - I’m aging it happens).

I’d like to take better care of myself. I’ve always been sort of oblivious to my appearance often not noticing that I need a haircut or refreshed look. I’d like to look a bit nicer and try, but I’m not sure how. I decided that I should wear something besides black and brown all the time so I bought some great colorful pieces for my wardrobe. I’d like to stop being a filthy pig and, at a minimum, wash my face at nice and....moisturize or something. It can’t be too complicated though. My skin does best when I commit to nightly washing and moisturizing (oddly it helps the acne). What do you think? Any skin care gurus want to chime in?

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