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GT hivemind. I am a frontrunner for a job at the University where I currently work. They just sent me an email asking for my salary requirments. However, I am kind of at a loss for what to tell them for several reasons:

a) This will be my first full-time job as an educational administrator so I have no previous salary to compare it to.

b) a search for comparable jobs was only marginally helpful because similar jobs tend to require a Bachelor’s, while this one requires a Master’s and very much prefers a Doctorate (I am part way through my Ed.D.). Also, they were mostly in much more rural areas than Los Angeles.


c) I know what the budget is for the salary, so I am afraid that if I ask for more than that they won’t give me the job, but if I ask for exactly that they will low ball me and give me something less.

I am hoping some of you with Higher Ed, HR, or other relevant experience can help me to figure out what I should be asking for. Is there any kind of formula for calculating inflation for more expensive areas? Is there sort of a general rule of thumb for salary increase based on degree level?

Also, are there rules for salary negotiation? Are they expecting you to high ball? Or will you likely get what you ask for as long as it falls in budget?

It is possible this is a fair ammount, but my boss keeps making it sound like it is not and I definitely don’t want to get duped so I figure I should do my homework.


A few pieces of info that might be helpful:

The job is kind of a “coordinator of learning center” type job, although that is not the exact title. I would be in charge of overseeing most of the tutoring programs, developing new programs, and also teaching a class or two.


The “budgeted” ammount for salary is around 50-54k, but that includes benefits, so really it’s like 43-48k.

I am seeing jobs that I think are comparable (but that require a bachelors or less) for 34-45k. Most of these are in less populated/expensive areas. Also, this particular job is 12 months while many similar jobs are 10 month contracts.


ETA: The university is private, not public.

As always, I offer the gift of guinea pig photos in exchange for your assistance.


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