Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My new grey jeans aren't exactly bleeding dye all over the place, and I thought they were fine after washing them separately the first time. The problem is that they are covered in fine lint that won't go away, not for all the lint rollers in the world. Even after thoroughly "pressure washing" them with my shower head. Like billions of tiny little pieces of lint that remind me of what comes off of velour. It's all over but it's worst in the pockets. If I put my hands in the pockets, they come out with the lint combined with dye residue that is profoundly caked all around my cuticles and under my nails. It's driving me CRAZY.

If anyone can help, please do. As a Certified Clean Freak, I have actually considered throwing them away, that's how bad it is. It's weird having jeans where you can't put your hands in the pockets or touch them too much.


They are Joe's Jeans — this is what I get for splurging instead of buying my usual Levi's. They fit perfectly. Because of course they do.

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